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Mrs. Cora Reid Greene


Mrs. Cora Reid Greene is the inspiration behind who we are and what we do. Her devotion and leadership helped create an emergency shelter home for foster children.


Cora Reid and her son, Judge George Greene, saw a need to take care of children entering court appointed custody during late hours or weekends when normal response and placement were difficult.


Out of the need and their determination was born The Cora Reid Greene Home for Children. The home would be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to open its arms to children until another safe, nurturing, and more permanent foster home could be found.


About The Cora Reid Green Home for Children

Beginning in 2010, and as the need for emergency placements receded, the Cora Reid Greene Home for Children transitioned to operating as a conventional foster home, while remaining available to the Russell County DHR for short term placements.  At the same time, and with input from foster parents  and members of the community, we expanded our mission to include offering education, recreation, and enrichment programs to all the foster children in Russell County (approximately 120).


Where We are Today

We have leased a 4,000 square foot building (The Greene Door) in downtown Phenix City to serve as the focal point for our educational and life skills programs. Insuring academic success for the children we help will be our top priority. However, we will endeavor to help foster children grow successfully in every aspect of their lives. With the support of community volunteers, there are virtually no limits to what we can help these children achieve.


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